Hello, since last Sunday, my two boys enjoying making more new patterns. They wanted to show you what they made so far. Maki

"I've used Tillions to design my latest mosaic - it's great!" Ginny

"My grandson gets a bit anxious and we have found Tillions a wonderful way to help him calm down. He really enjoys them and loses himself in the design and ordering". Judy

"I've been using tillions for inspiration for an embroidery border. So many ideas come from it, I can't keep up!" Elizabeth

Hi Helen We purchased the tillions set between Charlotte and her friend Sophie from the Red Cross Xmas Fayre at the Bedford Boys School a few weeks ago. As promised here are some pictures of patterns Charlotte has designed. They have both had great fun and is quite addictive. Kind regards Debbie
Dear Helen We gave this to my mother in law yesterday who has dementia and her face lit up. I showed her what to do and she seemed to like it. All the family were very impressed so thanks Best wishes Mandy

Hello, What a wonderful product, my two ten year old boys absolutely love Tillions. I have barely been allowed a go. It's great for any age group, and just as good doing alone or in a group. For me also it has become a great way in restoring peace with two playful young boys, they really do enjoy Tillions. They both become completely absorbed and are keen to get Tillions out when their friends are round, as it's quite unusual. This is great for me as it makes a pleasant change from kids running around the place playing nerf guns!! In summary I am really impressed!! ... I would expect Tillions to be a product that stores such as John Lewis would sell or other high-end retailers. It could also be marketed to high-end companies/private hospitals, hotels and even airport lounges for customers to use. My son Lewis has just twigged he can play/design on the fridge doors which he finds most amusing. On a final point we recently had to put my parents in to care homes, and again a product that could easily be marketed for use by the elderly too. Love it!! Best wishes, Tina