Tillions and Tiles

"Tillions" was designed by Helen Baron, who is a potter and tile maker.

In May last year she was making a series of tessellating three inch tiles which combined in countless ways to make new patterns. It was while arranging these in endlessly varied patterns that she  thought the idea might convert to an appealing new toy/game. She then created the designs for the magnet tillions. There are now over seventy registered designs for tillions, so more will be coming out in due course.

The magnet tillions are printed on a flexible magnetic material. They are made in Oxfordshire, UK by a leading manufacturer of magnetic products. The boxes and inserts are handmade in Bradford, UK

The original three inch earthenware tiles are available. These are all handmade by Helen in red clay with low relief designs which correspond to the magnet tillions. They have been glazed in a white glossy glaze which perfectly enhances the relief, showing a hint of the red clay underneath while keeping the tiles' clean simplicity.

There are also four inch slip-trailed tiles in traditional earthenware colours which broadly correspond to the tillion designs.

To see other examples of Helen's work including mosaics, pottery and more tiles please visit her website - www.helenbaronstudio.co.uk

Tile panels made using the handmade slip-trailed tiles in traditional colours which inspired tillions. As with tillions, these can be combined in countless ways to create striking, individual pieces to enhance your home.

some aga panels using handmade slip-trailed tiles in traditional colours. The tiles, like the tillions they inspired, can be arranged in countless ways to make unique beautiful statement pieces.