It is impossible to calculate how many patterns can be made with a large box of tillions. And they look so varied. Soon you realise that corners can be turned outwards, non-rectangular shapes can be made, there can be gaps, runners through the middle, even just rotating some of the tillions can change a design. Different people take a different approach. The chances are that once you design a panel with more than 25 pieces in it, you'll be making a pattern that has never been done before - but still it looks perfect.

If you make a design you'd like to send in we'd love to see it - and if it's OK with you we might add it to the gallery.

  In a large box of Tillions, 18 of the designs are "Middles" which join on all four sides, 7 are "Borders" which join on three sides, 6 are "Corners", joining on perpendicular sides, 3 are "Runners" joining on two opposite sides and one is a "Finial" which only joins on one side. There are eight of each design in a box, making 280 in total. (These are the 35 original designs)

The medium box has one finial design, three runners, four corners, four borders and eight middles - eight of each, making 160 in total.

The Blue pack has 70 magnets from 16 different designs (including two new designs)

The Red pack also has 70 magnets from 16 different designs (including 12 new designs)

There are also little packs of eight matching tillions available in all 49 tillion designs